Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS Soft is an enterprise level web-based application developed by IRIZ ID Technologies. IRIZ ID Technologies is a part of Digital Factors which is focused on Software Development and Solutions.

ESS Soft a web-based application which is used to facilitate the flow of information so business decision can be data-driven. It is built to centralize and organize data that can be employed in various applications of an organization. It acts as a viral tool for managers to access employee information 24/7, view real-time reports on employees nearing overtime or having other attendance issues, and make edits immediately without having to route through Human Resources. It provides the user to avail this service to access their personal data, send/ receive requests via email for overtime, missing punches, and leave requests across different organizational level in a secure manner. In addition, it also adds strength to the security department by paving way for access control related functionalities and information. In totality, ESS paves way for an organization to empower the employees and to use data (Time & Attendance and Access Control System information) as a conduit for better management decisions and give organization the exact information whenever needed.

Modules in ESS:

Web-based Access Soft supports the following features: 

  • Access Grant Time
  • Extended Grant Access Time.
  • Manage credentials – Enrol, Activate, Deactivate and set expiry date
  • Support of hybrid Cards and Formats (HID/Custom).
  • Escort visitor functionality.
  • Create Doors and Door Groups.
  • Create Holidays and Schedules.
  • Create Access Group and Credentials.
  • Access Methods (combination of card, pin and biometric)
  • Anti-Pass Back Setting.
  • Multi-man functionality for high secure areas.
  • Elevator Access Control – Create Floor groups and schedules
  • Fire Alarm Integration – Create fire alarm zones
  • Input/output device integration
  • Scalability for CCTV integration
  • Real-time events and alarm monitoring with GUI.
  • Sophisticated reports.
  • Device status notification and Self-diagnostic service and many more customization options available on request.

Web-based Time and Attendance (TNA Soft) application has the following features:

  • Dashboard, Drill down menus and rich user-interface.
  • Shift and Roster Management.
  • Over-Time Calculation.
  • Request and approval process (Leave, Overtime and Missing punches).
  • E-mail notifications (Latecomer, Early leaver and Missing punches).
  • Missing Punch and discrepancy Correction.
  • Filter Options (Company, Department, Designation etc.)
  • Sophisticated Reports (Master, Punch details, Summary and Attendance)
  • Export report options (Excel, PDF) Flexible and Scalable architecture (Options for integration and customization)
  • Defining user access levels and user privileges for access of different modules in the application.
  • Filtering employees on the basis of hierarchy for selective viewing of information.
  • Employees should be able to send /approve or deny requests such as :

1. Late comer
2. Early Leaver
3. Missing Punches
4. Leave requests
5. Over-Time

..and many more customization options available on request.


ESS Soft User Interface & Reports

Ess Login Page


Arabic Login Page


Language Master


Arabic Language Master


Access Controller Readers for TNA


Access Control Solutions and Time Attendance


User List


Menu Bar




Manual Punch


Employee Status


Email Notification Settings


Controller Configuration


Door Configuration


Arabic TNA Shift Create


Arabic User Access


Arabic Menu Bar


Alarm and Events