Enterprise Tracking

We provide ‘Tracking Solutions’ that helps enterprises automate and track some of their erstwhile manual, at times cumbersome work flows and processes. DFS solutions are designed and integrated around RFID and GPS enabled products and solutions.

Today’s organizations recognize that RFID & GPS enabled products provide solutions to problems that no other technology can solve. With this comes increasing demand for contactless products across a wide range of applications. Digital Factors offers the industry’s most diverse and flexible line of RFID tags and transponders in LF, HF and UHF, products that are manufactured in ISO 9001-2008 certified facilities using patented processes. Digital Factors continues to partner with RFID specialist organizations to innovate and provide new applications to RFID and GPS enabled products


We provide solutions in the following areas:

Asset Tracking and Management – Solutions comprise of advanced RFID tags, fixed high performance readers, mobile hand held readers essential to optimizing automated asset tracking and logistics systems. These RFID transponders help ensure seamless traceability and reduce losses, while enhancing stock management and processing speed from waregouse to the end user and compliance audits to track assets deployed across multiple locations. Passive contactless RFID tags improve data collection speed and accuracy, making tracking more cost-effective while increasing accuracy. Bundled with the hardware is a state of art web based asset management solution that can scale from small to large enterprise asset management & tracking requirements. All this can be done both online as well as offline to enable remote locations without network connectivity to capture data and download on securing connectivity.

People Tracking – Solutions can be combination of both passive and active RFID Tags & transponders and/or GPS transponders in form factors that can be worn around the wrist or used as part of ID card solutions. These are medically certified to be safe for human use. Solution use cases are used to track remote workers, staff in secure locations from a safety and organization security and process compliance perspective

File tracking – Solutions are built around easy to print and codify RFID labels that can be used for physical document management from the ‘individual document’ at the desk to the ‘file’ to the ‘box’ to the storage ‘filing cabinet shelf’. Small form factor readers deployed unobtrusively across the work flow areas along with hand held readers and an easy to use web based file tracking application, can provide excellent physical document management, tracking and retrieval capability to the organization.

Baggage tracking – Solutions built around self-disabling RFID tags, fixed & hand held mobile readers assist airports and airlines to track suspect, lost baggage. Complete solutions are available that include printers for printing RFID tags onsite.