Instant Issuance software


Serve locally and manage globally – Xpressi provides enhanced customer service, efficient branch workflow and secure centralized management. We offer different simplified instant issuance packages. All you have to do is select the type of card and we provide you with the affordable and scalable solution. All packages can be made EMV ready.

NBS Xpressi instant issuance software supports existing mag stripe applications and provides EMV smart card issuance at branch level. Ideal for quickly issuing replacement or new financial transaction cards, Xpressi offers a secure and flexible approach to branch workflow and central operations integration. Can be combined with Direct to card printers or embossers or re transfer printers.


Xpressi supports web, thin client and branch platform integrated deployments or a combination as needed. In addition, it provides many optional SCMS functions.

With support for most major card printers, you can combine your existing card printer or your choice of NBS desktop card printers and/or card embossers with the Xpressi software and you’re all set!

This solution is ideal for Financial institutions of all sizes.