Secure Identity Capture & Transaction Solutions – Grabba


Grabba is the world leading manufacturer of attachments for consumer Smartphones that make it possible to access and work with data available in symbols, tokens, forms of proof of identity and evidence of bundles of rights.

From commencement in Brisbane, Australia in 2001 as a business unit of Gripon Australia Pty Ltd, Grabba was spun out in August 2003 as Grabba International Pty Ltd . Grabba has focused upon enabling the use of consumer model hand held computers and Smart Phones for interactions with stores of information and for harnessing the ever increasing computing power available in these hand held devices for use in a wide range of enterprise activity.

By patient and consistent development of a professional team with the capacity to drive the business forward we are now recognized by our peers as the company that has set the pace in a global market.

Secure Identity Capture Solutions - Grabba


Grabba provides a wide range of technologies designed to extend the capabilities of your PDA, Smartphone or Tablets. If you require a solution for data capture, verification, or transaction processing, Grabba has the hardware tools you need.

The Grabba range include the Z-series, S-Series and Q-Series. Now you can extend the use your Smartphones throughout your organisation into any environment you need.

What Technologies You Can Have:

  • Barcode Scanning Grabba1
  • Smartcard Reading
  • RFID Read and Write
  • Fingerprint Reading
  • Passport Reading
  • Contact Smart Card Reading
  • Magnetic Stripe Reading

Supported Smart Phones / Tablets:

  • Apple – iPhone 6/6S
  • Apple – iPhone 6/6S Plus
  • Apple – iPod touch 5th Gen and 6th Gen
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 & S7
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3
  • Samsung Note 3,4 & 5
  • Samsung Galaxy A9