AXS Codemaster II Access Control Keypad (One Or Two Door Control)


Manufacturer Part Numbers: DX1KT20 All Metal Construction

DX2KW20 Polymer Casing, Illuminated Keys

The CodeMaster II keypad from Storm Interface is designed to provide electronic communication with access control systems by converting codes entered via the keypad into industry standard (Wiegand) data. It provides rapid and reliable access control in professional ‘high-traffic’ applications. Constructed to withstand hard use and abuse the keypads can be fitted in exposed outdoor locations.

The CodeMaster II is suitable for use as a replacement for (or in conjunction with) most standard card readers.

Intended for use with integrated access control/security systems, the keypad’s electronic interface is user programmable for 4 bit, 8 bit burst or 26/32 bit (Wiegand) data output.

  • UL294 Certified & Listed
  • Selectable ‘keypress’ audible tone
  • Selectable ‘code accepted’ audible tone
  • All weather resistant
  • LED status indication
  • Requires 12V DC supply
  • Available in two protection levels:
  • Anti-vandal keypad for exposed, unsupervised hostile, public locations
  • Illuminated vandal resistant keypad for unsupervised, public, outdoor location
  • Moving tactile keys, on a standard 19mm pitch, with home key tactile ident, ensure accessibility for those with sensory impairment