AXS S60M/S60iM – MultiCLASS PIN/Contactless Reader


This integrated keypad and contactless reader is configured for installation in a door frame or mullion. Its narrow footprint makes it ideal for use where materials surrounding the door frame present an unsuitable fixing surface (polished stone or glass panels for example).

This toughened keypad/reader features chromed metal or illuminated polymer keys with permanently engraved keytop characters. It is rated for continuous outdoor use in exposed, unsupervised locations.

Featuring genuine HID® MultiCLASS contactless technology, this access control keypad offers enhanced security by dual authentication. Authorized access through a secured door or barrier can be gained by presentation of an authorized contactless card, token or Seos® compatible NFC device and/or entry of a valid PIN.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Moving tactile keys, on a standard 19mm pitch, with home key tactile ident, ensure accessibility for those with sensory impairment.
  • SECURITY: A requirement for both knowledge of a PIN and possession of an associated card (dual authentication) creates an elevated level of security at primary points of access.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Dual technology readers can expedite access by accepting just the wave of a card or PIN entry only.
  • READ RANGE: Up to 10 cm.
  • RELIABILITY: AXS S60 PIN/Contactless readers feature HID® contactless technology encased within a robust, weather resistant STORM AXS keypad. Laboratory tested and field proven, these UL294 certified keypad/readers provide the most durable and reliable system interface.
  • AMBIENT ILLUMINATION: A halo of blue light can be projected onto the surface surrounding the keypad.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Supports multiple technologies including HID®, iCLASS SE®, Seos®, standard iCLASS®, ISO 15693 CSN, ISO 14443A CSN, MIFARETM, MIFARE DESFire™.