AXS StrikeMaster Illuminated Access Control Keypad (One Door Control)


Manufacturer Part Number: DR2KW20

The practical alternative to keys The Storm AXS-DR2i keypad is a self contained single door access control system. The keypad will rrecognizeup to 50 user programmed entry codes to allow access through a locked door. Entering an aauthorizedcode will energise an electrically operated lock. 4, 5 or 6 Digit codes can be programmed to release the lock for a limited time before it automatically re-locks.

Alternatively, codes can be programmed to permanently release the lock until an authorized code is re-entered to re-lock. The AXS-DR2i is easily installed to any rigid surface, providing a convenient and practical alternative to the issuance of mechanical keys or key cards.

The Storm AXS-DR2i keypad is rated for continuous use in outdoor or indoor locations. Impact resistant and sealed against the ingress of water and dust with integral keytop illumination.

  • UL294 Certified & Listed
  • Up to 50 user programmable entry codes
  • Entry code indexing for secure allocation and re-allocation of entry codes
  • 4, 5 or 6 digit entry codes
  • Timed release or latching operation
  • Timed lock out for “code hacker” resistance
  • Remote exit switch facility
  • Weather resistant to IP65
  • Hidden entry code feature
  • Optional privacy shield